Oh wow, an interview with Kyru! Friday feature!

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Okay, A little birdy told me that you have a backstory to that name of yours.

Wow. That’s from back when I had my profile. The answer is: Yes. My name does have history behind it. 4 years of Roleplaying history to be precise. The original name was Kurushu Net Zefein of the BloodDragons.

And where did you roleplay?

I used to make several browserbased games my home. I’m not sure if any of them are still around. First there was Shimlar; then Shadar, which became Stratholm; and finally Shimlar once more before I retired the RP character.

Oh, and by the way, freaking excellent name. When did you first start kongregate?
and describe your early noobing days!

February 14th, 2008. Valentine’s Day. I was playing Protector on NewGrounds and noticed that the game had extra features for those who played on Kongregate. It was then that I discovered Kong’s challenge and badge system. Tired of only gaining 10exp per day on Newgrounds, I started an account here. Within 3 weeks I was level 16. In fact, you called me out at one point, claiming that I must have been cheating to have attained so many badges so quickly.
After only 4 short weeks on Kongregate, I was approached by Valkyrie, who asked if I wanted to be a moderator. 3 weeks after that conversation I became a mod and have made this my flash-community home.

and I called you out on cheating because you passed me up in levels, and that hurt!

And you’ve never caught me since. Bwahaha.

says kyru, in a scathing interview with me. Keep it up, I need more dirt on ya!

More dirt? I am probably one of a handful of mods who have asked to have their M taken away and also ask for it to be reinstated.

That aint dirt! Thats interesting pieces of your kong life! Oh, and do you have a favorite game, on or off kongregate?

Console Game: Super Smash Bros. 64. Kong Game: Tossup between GemCraft and Colourpods.

Ooooh, I lost a lot of time to all of those.

They’re pretty fun.
GemCraft was nostalgic for me because it had a D2+Horadric Cube feel.

what is that you do outside of kong?

I’m a Freshman in College. I’m currently working on General credits, but I plan to start on a Software Engineering degree in the Spring. Outside of school I’m usually listening to music and talking to friends either on IM, on the phone, or making plans to meet them somewhere.

okay, just a few more questions. How strict of a mod do you see yourself as?

I see myself as by-the-book, but not defined by them. I am lenient in cases where understandings can truly be met, but I have a talent for knowing when it is futile to try and difuse a situation. I’ve been three different types really. Back in my early days I was a pushover. During my time in Adventure Club I was a bit too strict, but now that I host Lyceum I find myself with a very nice balance.

So, a perfect balance for a perfect room. and you do own lyceum, yes?

That is correct.

looks like this interview is coming to a close. any shout outs or last words?

Uh. Hi Mom? O_o



Dotville Deluxe

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This one is a mutt. Part RTS, part strategy.

Oh my, a calamitous poll!

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Shoot The Messenger

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Here she is!


A side srolling Shmup :O

New thing I am doing!

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I am going to be doing a “Doc’s recommendation page of most excellent design” Section here. It will slightly detail games, and give a link.

Reminder that I am still alive! INTERVIEW WITH COLTchr!

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Okay, where did your name come from?

Well, it came from Resident Evil. There was this gun there called Colt python .357 and it was my fav gun. So I created a hero with that name.

and the CHR part?

Ah, the three first letters from my first name: CHRis.

Interesting. And how long have you been moderating for?

About a month now.

and where is your moderating focused? (as in room)

Well, nowhere in particular actually. I like to be a wandering mod. Wherever I see people need me that’s where I go

How…..Romantic. But do you have a favorite room to visit?

That I do. It’s The Hall of Odin.

Cool, and what about that room do you like?

That was the first room I entered and soon become a regular. Most part of my friends are in there.

And what do you like about kongregate?

The variety of games you can play. From click and play to full action madness, it’s up to you. It pleases everyone and that’s awesome.

: Oh, got a favorite genre?

Oh yes, I like RPG very much.

: Nice. Well, what do you like to do outside of kongregate? Other than think about kongregate?

: Well, I like to hang out with my childhood friends, ride a bike, go to the beach, jog and watch movies.

Looks like this interview is coming to a close. Got anyone that you wanna shout out?

Haha, no, not really. If I need to I’ll do it personally.

Phantom Mansion: The Spectrum Of Souls

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Well the series is finally complete. I didn’t bother writing up individual reviews for each game as they were released since they were all pretty similar. Each room introduced a new element and the final room, the Black Sanctum, utilizes all of these elements in gameplay at once.

Video walkthroughs can be found for all individual rooms on YouTube. Nortonius also posts as QED at the Gimme5Games site and he’s done a spectacular job of creating walkthroughs as people request them. So without further adieu, here are the games in the order of their release along with the new feature for each room.
Chapter 1 – The Red Chamber – This is our basic game with zombies and skeletons.
Chapter 2 – The Orange Library – Warp gates galore.
Chapter 3 – The Green Gallery – Magic lamp that shows you hidden paths over the void.
Chapter 4 – The Yellow Tower – Cursed ground will kill you if you don’t find the crucifix first.
Chapter 5 – The Blue Ballroom – Poison is your treat for today. One makes you go in the opposite direction and the other makes you run until you hit a wall.
Chapter 6 – The Indigo Dungeon – Hop-Frog the jester\dwarf is here to beat you up and steal your keys
Chapter 7 – The Violet Vault – Ghosts! Pink ghosts always turn to the left, blue to the right.
Chapter 8 – The Black Sanctum – Yeah…have fun with this one.