Raft Wars

Raft Wars
Raft Wars


On first look, I thought it was a golf clone. How wrong was I. It’s actually a Worms clone with a storyline. Basically, a little kid finds treasure and other people are trying to kill him and take it. Yes, kill a little kid. And I thought I was cruel…

You can buy upgrades for your team using gold that you somehow acquire after each level. With a choice of 3 weapons; over sized tennis balls, 2 grenades and 2 rockets, you must kill the enemy before they kill you.

The game is very easy at the start, but it gets very unfair near the end. In level 9 and 10, the enemy will throw turtle dynamite bombs at you causing death and tyre damage. After all that, there is a plot twist, but I wont go into details.

The controls are very simple. Adjust angle and power with mouse. Click to fire. Simple. The graphics are also simple. Nothing wrong with that, now, it has nice graphics. Characters are simple. Made of circles, but the heroes have no arms or legs. Just floating hands on short bodies.

The sound of slapping will be heard throughout this game as the enemy will be battered around by your over sized tennis balls. Explosions are heard later in the game as the enemy blows your little heads off with dynamite. What fun! As for the music, you get to hear some lovely classical music that gets interrupted by those ambient sounds and slapping.

And now, the scores…

7/10. Simple and good, but not great.

7/10. Basic projectile firing game type. I prefer Worms for that.

6/10. It was okay, but just not nice.

6/10. Basic storyline. The plot twist was a change, but was fairly poor.

9/10. Simple controls. Easy to use menus.

Overall, 7 out of 10. That’s a good score, isn’t it?

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