Potion Panic

Potion Panic
Potion Panic


A nice defence game with changes. Instead of having a top down view, it’s looking in from the side! WOW!
But seriously now, you’re able to create your weapon by adjusting the levels of each coloured potion. Different levels create different effects. I found 3-5-5 to be effective. You will then have to use your potion creation against waves upon waves of skeletons, slugs, spiders and witches. Yeah, strange bunch of enemies attacking you, but not to worry! For defence, you have a poorly built wall which will fall over after numerous attacks leaving you exposed. 1 hit and you’re dead.

I thought the game had some nice graphics and enemy animations, but I felt as thought the level design was not great. Seemed kind of silly. The game has a simple and easy to use interface. You know what you’re buying, but some of the things were too expensive. Also, I would have liked a health bar for the wall. Would have been nice to know when that load of bricks would collapse.

One thing I liked about this game was some of the sound effects, but I was let down by it’s lack of music. Okay, I can choose my own music, but I’d prefer some in-game music. Gotta love the death scream of the witch, though. A bit loud, eh?

Better wrap this up.

7/10. It has some nice animations, but lacks graphics

6/10. It’s fun, but gets boring after a while. Little reply value, in my opinion.

5/10. The okay sounds and lack of music really kicked the game here.

8/10. Good make of a defence game, but could more features.

9/10. Easy to use interface and simple mouse controls.

Overall, I’d give this a 7/10. I have my problems with it, but it’s still moderately fun to play for 20 minutes.

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