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MoonMaster RahKon
MoonMaster RahKon


You’re big, you’re green, and you’re angry! Sounds like the intro to a new Incredible Hulk game, but no, this game is about a sentient boulder named Jay Rock that can fly and shoot lasers out of his mouth. Why is Jay so angry, you ask? Because aliens are coming to his homeworld to terraform it and wipe his kind out. That’s not a very neighborly thing for the aliens to do, but then again neither is blasting them away with lasers.

MoonMaster RahKon was created by lostvector, the same person that brought us BowMaster and BowMaster Prelude. His affinity for the word Master aside, this is another example of an excellent game with some really fun and frantic game play. The controls are very simple, just WSAD or the arrow keys to navigate and the left mouse button to fire your laser. The goals for every level are to collect enough ore to progress or to kill the boss when applicable, that and don’t die.

The game has no music and the sound effects are sufficient, but not great. The explosions sound like they were made by a person covering their mouth and the laser hit sound seems to come straight from a cheesy 50’s sci-fi flick. In fact, I’m certain that many of these sounds have been used in other games by lostvector but that’s not really a bad thing. The plus side is I can play my own music though I don’t think “Iron and Wine” is necessarily the best accompaniment to this.

Fortunately the graphics are a redeeming quality of this game. The enemies range from moderately simple to more complex designs like the “wheel” in the screenshot. The lasers look suitably dangerous, even if they are coming from your mouth. Speaking of the mouth, Jay has various funny expressions that make me smile when I happen to look at him.

All right, on to the juicy part, the ratings!

7/10. I really enjoyed what was done with the graphics and I consider this to be a better result than what we’ve seen with the BowMaster games.

6/10. The gameplay is okay, but it gets repetitive pretty quickly.

4/10. The game lost 5 points for no music. It’s not like free music is hard to come by with communities like NewGrounds offering up plenty of material.

7/10. A nod towards creativity, though the game does remind me of Asteroids Revenge.

8/10. The controls are standard so you can jump right into the game without worrying about the tutorial. The speed at which you can move is a definite plus in this game.

I’m enjoying the game, but BowMaster Prelude was a lot better. 6/10

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