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Paths 2
Paths 2


When you first take a look at Paths 2 you may be reminded of Line Game. The differences here are that there are no badges to make you lose your sanity and Paths 2 is far more interactive. Instead of a savage red and black for level colors we are presented with a mellow green and grey and you now have a limited amount of ink to work with, not unlike other drawing games of the genre.

Controls are very simple here as everything is mouse-driven, but you do have to have some timing ability to interact with the environment while the ball is making its way along the path you’ve drawn. The game is not laptop friendly, but an external mouse can remedy that situation in short order. I personally game with a trackball and that can make these games problematic as it sometimes makes my drawings look like I have a mild case of Parkinson’s.

The graphics are a simple affair, employing an animated background and a spinning ball. They are, however, very crisp and clean and this lends the game a strong interface. Bad graphics can quickly detract from the playing experience for me, but your mileage may vary. As long as I don’t have to sit there and scratch my head about what should be what we’re in good shape, really.

Sound is another high point here. The song can tend to get a little repetitive but it’s upbeat and fits the game well. The sound effects that are present are used to good effect, mostly you picking up an item, reaching a goal, or dieing. The ability to mute is present at the starting menu so if you find you would rather play your own music you definitely can do so.

So where do we stand on ratings? Let’s find out.

8/10. Simple is good, fewer chances to make mistakes. Flashy was not needed for this game.

7/10. The levels ramp up in difficulty at a fair rate. I never felt like I was being left in the dust at any point.

7/10. Audio works just fine for the game, perhaps a bit longer of a song.

8/10. There are a lot of drawing games out there but this one manages to put a little flair into the genre.

7/10. Mouse for controls is nice, but you definitely need a conventional mouse to play it.

7/10 For Paths 2. It’s not entirely original, but it’s definitely not boring.

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