I’m playing Orbular, wait… no, I’m not. The game was inspired by Orbular, hence the background, music and white spheres(maybe.)
On starting this game, I was greeted by some awesome music and a menu with 2 choices. I did not choose the Survival mode, but I’m stuck in whatever the other mode was. There’s no back to menu option. I’m trapped in this mode forever and I do not want to finish level 10. Bah.

This game reminds me Orbular, Red and N3wton. Unlike those 3 games, this game is only fun until you reach level 10. It just becomes annoying, then. Just when I almost finished level 10, a giant fast moving orb flies out of nowhere and knocks the ball off the screen. 15 minutes of fun and that’s it. I don’t know whether I or the game failed to have/provide fun. Anyway, the game’s background is like Orbular, your movement is like the movement in N3wton and the whole deflecting the orbs is like Red. Basic graphics, nothing too special. Basic gameplay with different challenges, but it’s not that great.

For a menu, you’re given 2 choices and no instructions, but hey, it’s not like the game is hard to pick up and play. Mouse controls, left click to fire. However, you’re not given a choice to return to the menu while in the game. I want that option.

Okay, I’m cutting to the chase.

5/10. Basic, simple graphics but nothing too special.

5/10. May sound harsh, but I felt as though there was hardly any fun or replay factor.

5/10. Loved the music, but hated the sound. Nobody wants to hear continuous popping.

6/10. A mixed concept from 3 games, but it was a fairly decent end product.

7/10. Lack of menu, instructions and a “Return to menu” option in-game.

Overall, it will get 6/10. It’s okay, but not great. Runs out of fun and starts dispensing frustration. I did not feel any replay factor kicking in after I quit.

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