Watch, memorise, recreate and then repeat. Duplicate what you see, really. A simple concept thats fun. Slightly annoying at level 4, but fun none-the-less. It comes with 1 sound (epic!) but that’s all it needs. At least it isnt as annoying as Rebound’s popping. Anyway, it comes with a choice of 3 nice songs. If you dont like one, choose another or mute it and play your own music. I found 2 to be nice.

Alright, so you recreate what you see. It’s about the angles created, not exact point to point percision, but it helps. Some nice animations and graphics. Nothing too hightly detailed, but your drawings should be. I like the whole drawing on a whiteboard theme to it. It looks like something I would do in an empty class with other people. Serious fun, but finding out if they’re anywhere near 100% accurate is best left to the magical flash program.

Basic controls; mouse to move point, click to place. That’s not hard to understand. Getting it right is the harder part. 4 levels of matching awaits you. Look, it’s easy. I got 87% on my first try. It will get slightly challenging on level 4, but not a lot. Pretty much high on interactivity and fun.

Wrapping this up…

8/10. Simple, some nice animations, nothing too fancy.

8/10. Very fun which gets slightly challenging when trying to remember the 6 sided shape.

8/10. Has a nice choice of music, loved song 2, did not have a lot sound, but didnt need it.

8/10. Liked the theme of using the short term memory and, what was I saying? I cant remember

9/10. Easy controls, game relies on how accurate you are in the drawings.

Overall – 8/10. Awesome short fun game that has replay value. We feel like we have to increase our score, even if it is 87%. 😛

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