Rodent Tree Jump

Rodent Tree Jump
Rodent Tree Jump


What kind of twisted world decides succession to the throne base on how accurately one can fling themselves from a trampoline to a target? Then again, who cares? Rodent Tree Jump turned out to be a fun and non-violent twist on Worms that has you, a rodent citizen, aiming for a target instead of an enemy. The closer you land to the target the more points you get and top ranking rodents get to proceed to the next challenge in the tourney.

The controls are very simple with angle and power being controlled by the mouse. Get the wrong angle and you run the chance of running into another opponent or getting bumped by one. Sometimes this is a good thing but typically you’re going to get the short straw and end up too far away from the target.

In terms of graphics the game has a “cutesy” feel to it, but instead of making it worse the look actually adds to the game. After all, this is a non-violent game and almost feels like it was designed with kids in mind, from the controls to the graphics to the goals. There isn’t a lot of animation, just your rodent staying in one shape bouncing along the ground.

The music is peppy and upbeat; almost to the point of nauseating but not quite. There isn’t much to speak of in terms of sound effects, just some pings and pops to tell you that you’ve hit a surface. Simple sometimes works, but the addition of some more sounds would have helped this game along.

8/10. Shiny happy rodents FTW.

8/10. No bombs, no buying weapons, no save feature. Saving would have been nice.

7/10. Needs more cowbell.

7/10. A pacifist version of Worms. Fun for the whole family.

8/10. Nothing but mouse, can’t complain there.

On the whole, I give this 8/10. It’s a game you can pick up and play for five minutes or fifty if the mood strikes you.

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