Friday Feature – Interview with redsnake47

Hello and welcome to our first of hopefully many interviews. The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment. And now on to the interview.

When did you join Kongregate and why?
Well I saw it on Fox News back in March (ed. 2007) and went on the site to check it out and I’ve been hooked since.

How long have you been a mod for?
Since around Thanksgiving so thats what…2 months or so.

What’s your favorite and least favorite parts about being a mod?
I like helping people; I guess it makes me happy…not a big fan of banning isn’t my favorite thing but I gotta do what I gotta do.

What’s the first computer game you ever played? Do you still play it?
Hmmm think it might have been this Family Feud game from the 80’s on a floppy disk I have…great game, I used to play it on my old computer but the new one I have doesn’t have a floppy drive.

What keeps you coming back to Kongregate (besides the mod duties, that is)?
I like talking to the people…There’s really some great people that come on Kongregate…plus seeing some good games and designers work that makes me jealous of their skills =P Oh and getting the badges and cards is entertaining.

What do you do for fun when you’re not on Kongregate? I know, shocking concept.
Haha yes very shocking…Well I play rugby which starts in about a month, I’m on the stage crew of my school and I build for plays and get money for concerts, play the guitar and cello, all sorts of stuff like that =)

Whom do you consider a role model?
Well on Kongregate I’d say I’ve looked up to Koko a lot she is a great role model =) and I guess outside of Kongregate I look up to the armed forces and emergency personnel.

So do tell, have you ever been banned?
No…although I have tried banning myself…didn’t work though =P

What would make moderating easier?
Ummm less trolls =P But I don’t know, I think the whole mod system works out well.

When can the Kongregation typically find you online and where?
Well lately Ive been on at nighttime(around like 6ish-11ish EST.) and in Difference Engine most of the time.

Thanks for the interview, Red.
Thanks for interviewing me =D

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  1. redsnake47 Says:

    cheers! =D

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