Don’t you hate it when you’re traveling through the wilderness and get attacked by giant black frogs. What? You’ve never had that happen to you? Well you’re missing out. Fortunately you can experience that and much more with this game. Catacombs is a hack and slash Adventure/RPG where you run through the levels room by room, gaining better weapons and spells for your character as you progress through the six levels.

Controls are a little unconventional with this game and it takes some getting used to. Movement is done by aiming your mouse and clicking in the direction you want to travel. The only problem with this is you tend to travel rather close to the edge of the screen. Fortunately with most battles you aren’t in danger of running into a hidden enemy so this isn’t a major issue. Attacks are done by pressing the A, S, or D keys; the speed of your attacks varies with the weapon or spell you are currently holding as well as which attack button you use.

When I first saw this game I thought that it was done by Sinister Design, the same person that created the Telepath RPG games. This is not the case and you’ll find that the author has their own style of art as you make your way through the dungeon. One thing that did bother me is that the font is a little difficult to read, especially with the lack of strong contrast between the text and the background. Top-down games tend to present a challenge in terms of graphics because everything tends to look like two dimensional blobs, but JorjEade did a good job or trying to add enough detail to not have that issue.

I really liked the sound for this game. The music was of a low enough volume and subtle enough to add atmosphere without taking you out of the game. Sound effects were varied so you weren’t listening to the same noises over and over. I didn’t feel the need to mute the game and that’s always a plus in my book.

7/10. Sans serif font and more color variation in the dialog window needed.

8/10. Good pace in the game, didn’t feel like anything was drug out too long.

9/10. Good audio all around.

7/10. Escaping from a dungeon. Yeah, that’s been done before. So has the good/evil path. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a good game, though.

7/10. Controls are a bit awkward. Being able to use the scroll wheel on the mouse would have been helpful for switching weapons.

I like this game but I did have issues with the interface on several levels. Despite that I still gave it 8/10. Worth playing for a while, if not all the way through.

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