Take a dash of sphere, a sprinkle of cube, what looks like one huge-ass turbine and a liberal dose of 3D and what do you get? Well you’d probably get a huge mess when you turn that supposed turbine on but in the case of Kongregate you end up with Vorticube. Float your way around the levels collecting squares and avoiding mines; seems simple enough on the surface, but looks can be deceiving.

Controlling your sphere is a matter of a little patience and a lot of cursing. The WSAD keys move your sphere around the levels and the up and down arrow keys control your height. Being right-handed I would have liked this to be the opposite way but I couldn’t change the controls. The inertia from moving your sphere tends to make you miss your target frequently and occasionally run into mines, which is where the cursing comes into play.

The graphics were really good for this game, but even the author admitted that they may be a bit much for older computers. Even if the shapes are simple there’s still the particle effects. Once you blow up a mine or capture a “D” block there are little chunks of debris scattered all over the level and this is where the majority of your graphics processing goes.

I enjoyed the music, though it didn’t really seem to fit with the game. Here you are trying to make tiny adjustments to your sphere and there’s this fast-paced techno playing in the background. The sound effects were minimal, but more would have just made things messy.

9/10. Really good graphics for this game, but you’ll need to tweak the quality a lot if you have lag.

7/10. Somebody get me outta this box! Levels are pretty much all the same, just the colors change.

6/10. Good audio, but not for this game.

8/10. There may have been another game like this one, but I haven’t found it.

6/10. Customizable controls would have saved the day here. At least you get to choose your level of difficulty.

7/10 for Vorticube. It was a good idea, just lacked execution.

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