A warrior, a traitor, a jester and an alchemist walk into a bar… All cheesy jokes aside, Morbus is a really fun platform\rpg combo. You run through the levels slaying your enemies, gaining levels, and buying gear to slay more enemies. Vicious cycle, no? As mentioned above, you have four classes to choose from and the advantages and disadvantages of each class are explained to you in the character selection screen.

Depending on which class you choose your controls will vary. In general the arrow keys control movement and ASD control actions. Enemies tend to charge right in so it’s simply a matter of timing when you are attacking them. Ranged enemies are a bit more of a challenge but since you slowly recover health and mana you can charge them for the most part.

The sprites all look a little funny, whether they have weak chins, pig snouts, or soulless yellow eyes. Despite this the graphics are pretty well done. You feel like the characters actually have personality just from their drawings and animation. The legs are a bit of a sticking point, though. Instead of having the characters legs crossing when they walk the legs just meet at the middle then spring out again. It’s not a make or break part of the game, but it looks really freaking weird.

I don’t know where the author got the music for this game but it fits so perfectly. Granted it’s one song of medium length that plays every couple of minutes, but I’m definitely not complaining. It breaks up what could have been a boring hack and slash game. Sound effects work well for the game and aren’t annoying, thankfully.

8/10. The creepy empty eyes of the Jester will gaze through your soul.

8/10. Sometimes a little slow and a little buggy, but still very fun. While the game can be completed in one sitting I would have preferred a save option.

7/10. I like the audio, but I don’t like that you can’t mute the game.

7/10. Fairly standard formula for gameplay; slay the enemies, level, slay the boss.

7/10. Keypress response is a little slow but otherwise the controls work.

Morbus is a fun game and I actually wanted to play through multiple times so I could see what each class is like. It didn’t feel like it was quite finished so I’m giving it 7/10.

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