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Grey Life is either an experiment used to test your sanity or a game that will make you question your rage issues. The game is apparently one that is played on a friction-free surface as your ball seems to go flying all over the place with even the lightest tap. If you’ve ever played Marble Madness…well, this is a far worse torture than you could possibly imagine. Despite my slight aversion to several levels I actually found this game to be pretty fun.

The controls are very sensitive, enough so that you may be tempted to fling your keyboard across the room in a re-enactment of a scene from “The Incredible Hulk”. The standard WSAD and arrow keys are available for both righties and lefties. No mouse is needed, just get yourself from point A to Z with any necessary stops in between while you try to avoid dying. Good luck on that.

Graphics are pretty simple in this game. You have some smoke trails from missiles and power-ups from lasers but for the most part it’s not too flashy in terms of visuals. The standard grey background is broken up by some breakable walls and all of the weapons are colored so you know what to watch out for.

No music in this game, unfortunately. Even something quiet in the background would have been nice, but that’s not to be. There isn’t even a mute option so you’re forced to listen to sound effects like gunshots and your own death…again, and again, and again.

7/10. Monochrome for simplicity. Does it work? Yes.

8/10. Despite the frustration factor you will come back to this game. It’s just that addicting.

3/10. No mute, no music, no high score for this category.

8/10. Fun puzzle game along the lines of N, but with less physics.

6/10. Controls tend to be a little frustrating due to their hyper-sensitivity. Get used to juggling your keys.

Grey Life is surprisingly good game. You can even create your own levels to share with friends and give them reason to want to kill you in your sleep. 6/10

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