“What in the…” That might be something along the lines of the first words you utter upon playing this game. Coil, as it proudly states, is a game with no instructions and no clear direction. It is a game that asks you to think for yourself and try to play through to the ending on your own. While I can appreciate what the author was trying to do here, this method of game design and play doesn’t always work out like one intends and I think that shows in the comments section.

Controls are done purely with the mouse and every level uses the mouse in a different way than the prior. There really isn’t much to say about the controls but the reaction of the environment did feel like it was lacking at times. I found that objects either moved a little too quickly or a little too erratically for the game to be enjoyable.

Well, you’re in a womb, so there really isn’t much to speak of in terms of graphics. I did like how the author made things seem a little fuzzy around the edges like you were looking at the game through a microscope. It gave the game a somewhat detached atmosphere, though.

The audio in this game is strange, to say the least. The song used also has a “fuzzy” feel to it, like it’s being played on a vinyl record or through old speakers. The few vocals that are present don’t include any words, just add to the mood of the game.

8/10. While confusing at times, the graphics are still very well done.

6/10. Some people found they wanted to play through to the ending and others got fed up with the game. I found myself in the latter group.

8/10. The music works really well with the game, but there’s no mute button. I still firmly believe that there is zero excuse for not including a mute button.

9/10. While this reminded me of Areas when it came to instructions this game did work out well in execution.

7/10. Good controls but you have to be fast to get from one level to the next.

An interesting idea, that’s for certain. The author has an artistic flair but chooses rather odd topics for his games, as can be seen in Viviparous Dumpling. 8/10.

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