Despite the rather scary name Breakball is actually a pretty fun Breakout clone. Instead of messing with a paddle and worrying about lives you instead control the ball directly. Frustration can and will set in when you have to hit certain bricks to change your direction of travel. Unfortunately that’s a major component to the game so you either will have to get used to it or move on to something else if it doesn’t work for you.

Controls are pretty simple with the arrow keys allowing you to move in the general direction you need. For the most part you travel in one direction and you can steer your ball along that path. Nothing too intricate with the controls, but sometimes the game will feel a little slow.

The graphics are well-done in this game. No, it won’t win any major awards but at the same time they do look pretty good. You have blocks that look like brushed aluminum and many other surfaces which gives the game at least a little depth in terms of looks. Simple works well in this case.

The sounds leave a lot to be desired. There is no music during the levels and the level switches are a direct rip from Sonic The Hedgehog. Mute is not an option but fortunately it isn’t really needed. The pings and pongs of your ball hitting blocks is underwhelming, to say the least.

7/10. Sharp clean graphics and good animations.

6/10. The speed is good for the most part but there isn’t a lot of replay here.

2/10. The game really falls flat on its face here. Add some non-licensed music and improve on the sound effects and you’ll have something to work with.

7/10. Breakout with direct control. Not a mind-blowing idea but it’s still pretty fun.

8/10. Controls work great, nothing to argue with there.

Breakball was a fun find but I do feel that it was somewhat incomplete. 6/10

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