Tired of the same old ragdoll avoidance games? Want a little more interactivity; perhaps multi-player? Well today’s your lucky day! Braids is a ragdoll fighting game where you can play the computer or against a friend and to make it even better, the game is really fun.

Red player gets to use the keyboard and blue takes the mouse. Space and the left mouse button block respectively. Depending on how much of a challenge you want you can always switch players. The controls are solid but keep in mind that your character will lag behind your actions by a small amount. Also keep in mind that your head and body are vulnerable spots; since you lead with your head that can cause you some grief. Pull back on your attack at the last minute to score a hit.

Since we’re playing with ragdolls you can’t expect too much in the graphics department. The animations, however, are pretty solid. I did see some glitches here and there, but nothing that would stop me from wanting to play the game. Hits are noted with a circle. The larger the circle, the more damage has been done. Also for every hit you will get more lines drawn in the background. These lines can be turned off in the menu.

Finally an author gets it. Music is provided in this game and you’re able to turn off the music without having to rip your speakers out at the jack. The music is good for background music and sounds like something you’d hear from a typical old-school martial arts movie. Honestly I didn’t even notice it most of the time so that goes to show just how well it fit in.

6/10. It’s stick figures…with braids.

9/10. This is a style of fighting game I could really get into. I found it to have plenty of replay value.

8/10. Well done. Music and a mute button.

7/10. Ragdoll fighting in midair. It almost reminds me of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

8/10. Controlling the ragdoll took a minute to get down but after that it’s easy.

Granted there’s already a ton of stick figure games out there but this one makes for a fun twist. 8/10

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