The Walls – Part Three

The Walls - Part Three
The Walls – Part Three


There’s a certain class of games that defy categorization. They create their own categories and challenge you to look at games in a different way. Sometimes these aren’t even games, but moreso are interactive experiences. The Walls – Part Three is one of these games.

The Walls is controlled strictly by your mouse. This has some good and some bad points; good in that it’s fairly simple to navigate but bad in that it gets so heavy on graphics that your mouse staggers around like a drunken frat boy. I noticed in some areas that the mouse clicks didn’t even register and I had to press items three or four times to move to the next area.

As I mentioned earlier, the graphics are extremely heavy at times. I found my computer and the chat slowing to a crawl on one level in particular. This also happened to be the level where the button presses weren’t taking so perhaps the two are related. Regardless, the graphics really do shine in this game and make for a fun world to explore.

There is no mute button in this game and I know I normally dock points for that but seeing as this is more of an interactive story I’m going to let it slide this time. At some points music and sound are integral to the game and you wouldn’t get far if you had things muted. Fortunately the music is subtle and atmospheric so you will probably find that it fits right in to the game.

9/10. Engaging virtual worlds. Just…wow.

7/10. Slow at some points and not much replay value, yet still fun.

10/10. No mute, but this game didn’t need it. Loved the music.

9/10. Seems to be an escape type of game but the puzzles are far more interesting.

8/10. There were some points where the button presses didn’t seem to take.

This was a really enjoyable game, even more so that Anika’s Odyssey. 9/10

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