Imagine, if you will, life as a yellow ball. Red balls are in your area and they cause you to lose your cool. What’s a yellow ball to do? Well apparently shove them into pits and on to spikes. Remember kids, this is just a game.

Roll is controlled by your mouse which is always a safe bet. Direction is controlled by the cursor and motion by the left mouse button. Hold the button longer and you’ll get a stronger push. There aren’t too many tricks involved here, just aim and fire. You can fire in a different direction if you want to move in mid-slide.

There isn’t much to speak of with the graphics. We have some circles…and some more circles over there. Oh! We have some blocks, too! Yeah, this game isn’t exactly going to challenge anyone’s video cards but then again that’s a good thing. The graphics get the job done admirably and I didn’t notice any issues or glitches.

The music appears to have been cut short. It doesn’t exactly make for a very good loop in my opinion, at least not where it was left off at. The sound effects boil down to some collision sounds and popping, that’s about it. Thankfully there’s a mute button in this game so you can play your own music.

7/10. Circles and squares and spikes, oh my!

8/10. There’s some replay value here, which is always nice.

6/10. The sound could use a little help, here. Okay, a lot of help.

7/10. This reminds me a bit of Rebound, but with less shooting and random factors.

8/10. Controls are nice and solid which makes the game a heck of a lot more fun to play.

I liked this game even though there were some frustrating points. 7/10

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