Treasure Seas Inc

Treasure Seas Inc


Sailing the oceans blue, searching for sunken treasure. Ah, the life of a salvager. Unfortunately for you, this salvager only has three lives and a submarine that can withstand hull crushing depths but gets crushed like an egg when a shark rushes you. Can you say “This bites”?

Your keyboard is pretty much all you need to get by in Treasure Seas Inc (TSI). The arrow keys control movement and the “A” key controls your claw. “I” opens your inventory and from there you can view various items you have picked up. Take note that each area has a map you can find that will show you exactly where each treasure is for the level. Also, the seagrass can be picked up and sold at a vendor for additional cash.  I noticed that people are searching for walkthroughs on this game so I’m updating the review to mention that each “route” has a map of all the treasures and seagrass.  You won’t be notified when you have gathered all of the seagrass but you will be alerted when you’re down to three treasures or less.  The maps are far enough down that you’ll want at least one level of plating to pick them up.

Visually this game is rather cutesy. There are lots of harmless looking characters and even one person tagged the game with “fisher-price”. Admittedly it does look like a collection of kids toys, but the graphics are fun at the same time. It looks a bit like something you would find in a Legos game or in Motherload.

There is no mute button for TSI and that’s a shame. While the music and sound effects are good, there were times I wanted to turn them off. The game uses a combination of visual and audio cues to tell you when you’re running into trouble though, so turning off the audio can have a negative effect.

8/10. Candyland with sharks? I think not. Cutesy graphics with grown-up appeal.

7/10. Only three lives to pick up 50+ treasures? Dude, you’re killin’ me. Though the game is fun enough to have me keep trying.

7/10. Mute really should have been included here, but oh well.

8/10. I’m a total sucker for adventure games where you can upgrade your gear and this game hit right on target in that regard.

8/10. Solid controls but the sub moves too dang slow at first and you might die from sharks before you can get very far. Save up the $8,000 to buy the large prop as soon as possible.

This game was really enjoyable and had some replay value. Though by the time I get to the final treasure I may not want to pick this game up again. 8/10

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