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You’ve played a lot of shooting games, but this is probably one of the oddest yet. You must fly your little star toaster through the flying colours destroying tumors and bosses. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s odd, but it works. Somehow.

So, I wondered why it was called To-Suta. Toaster sort of sounds like To-Suta when it is said at a certain speed and way. Also, To-Suta means “little toaster star”. Little star, huh? Moving on… you destroy the enemies with your rainbow power that you fire from your mouth. Also, the Katamari Damacy music is the game music. Another thing, you have to destroy a flying squirrels head that shoots acorns. Forgot to say, the clouds in the bonus level have happy faces. Ok, so it was harder to move away from the crazy than I thought, but the game is actually serious fun.

Some people would call this “repetitive”, but I think it isn’t. New enemies, bosses every 2 levels with different ways to kill and a bonus level somewhere. It’s all good. Also, it isn’t easy to notice the repetitiveness seeing as how the game only tends to last 10-15 minutes. Short length, I know, but it doesn’t have a pause! You gotta have pause. Just gotta have faith pause.

This game has a lot of explosions. Everything explodes. Even the giant squirrel’s head. No, I am not crazy. It’s some serious madness. You know, I’ve run out of things to say. Short game, short review. Seems fair.

These scores will not explode.

8/10 You know, it had some nice graphics. Some nice animations.

10/10 Really. It has replay value, it’s short but sweet and it’s easy to play.

8/10 The music was just awesome. The sounds, however, need more explosion sounds. More than 1.

7/10 Shooter, simple. Liked how the developer added a story to it. Tumors.

5/10 Easy controls but no pause. NEED PAUSE. NAO!!!

Overall, 8/10. Short, fun game that you’d play again. Okay, the score may be high due to my love towards toasters, but just play it. You may find it boring, but I thought it was epic.
To-Suta Clouds

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