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Soul Search
Soul Search


Let’s get this out of the way first. Any game that opens with Pachelbel’s Canon is going to get major kudos from me. I have to admit I was surprised to hear this song in the title screen, especially considering the height of musical culture seems to consist mainly of Soulja Boy these days. Anyway, I’m hopping off my soap box for now. Soul Search is a puzzle game where you have to navigate through the maze to reach the end and try to not die too often along the way. Time is not your friend and you will be racing against the clock but picking up stars along the way increases the amount of time you have to complete the level.

Navigation is done strictly by the mouse. Your special move is used by clicking the left mouse button and you can pause the game with “P”. Take note that your special isn’t an attack but rather allows you to manipulate objects that you encounter.

The graphics are really quite good in Soul Search. I was surprised that I didn’t encounter any lag issues while playing the game, truth be told. The particle effects and trails were a nice touch and there was a huge amount of animation that helped you to feel like the whole level was really alive.

I’ve gushed enough about the title screen so on to the main game. Soul Search does not have a mute button, which is a big disappointment to me. Don’t get me wrong, the music was chosen well for this game and I really enjoyed it, but I still believe that the mute button should be mandatory in a game if audio cues are not required to play. Not including one is lazy programming and shows that the programmer doesn’t consider that the users may wish to listen to something else.

9/10. Sharp, crisp, clean, all without being a soda advertisement.

8/10. There is definite replay value, but mostly because you’ll want to see how the game ends.

7/10. Good music choices but no mute causes premature point loss.

7/10. There are plenty of “follow the mouse” style of games so this is far from a unique game.

9/10. Controls are very solid and your avatar is extremely responsive.

Soul Search surprised me in several different ways and I’m happy to give it 8/10.

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