Friday Feature – Interview with Koko and KillerKlown

Both Koko and KillerKlown were kind enough to hop on to a chat session for this interview so you get to read about both of them at the same time πŸ™‚

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

I think I know the answer to this first question, but why did you join Kongregate?
Koko: Kong rules of course
Of course. But to be more specific, did you see it on Fox news or from another site…?
Koko: When I joined a year ago, it was from a referral via one of my roommates who saw an article on USA Today. He mentioned challenges and I was hooked.
KillerKlown: Actually I saw it on CNN one afternoon … they were talking about Fancy Pants and Warbears… and I’d kinda played on MSN Games and Yahoo ..mostly Bejewled. I thought I’d check it out.
Fancy that, Fancy Pants on CNN.
Koko: πŸ˜›
KillerKlown: Ha

So how long have you two been mods for?
Koko: I’ve been a mod since May of 2007, KK got modded later in the summer.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part about being a mod?
Koko: My fave is my regs and how united we are..and supportive to each other regarding games and such…the worst is when trolls get abusive and I have to ban them
KillerKlown: Hmm least would have to be the “trolls” I’m taken back sometimes at the language of some of the kids… fav… i guess seeing some of the quieter kids coming out of their shell… helping them out when they need it..

I can understand that one completely. All right, here’s a different one. What’s the first computer game you ever played? Do you still play it?
Koko: Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction and yes. I’ve beaten it too often though; I actually prefer WoW now.
KillerKlown: The first game system I ever played on was a “tel-star” triangular shaped with paddles, a light gun, and a steering wheel. But I’ve had an array… c128.. Apple iie.. Atari 400… 3DO… Jaguar….. good god I’m old πŸ˜›
That’s as bad as my Vic 20.
KillerKlown: ha
Koko: *keeps quiet* (laughing on the inside) πŸ˜›
Yes, we’re old fogies.

So aside from the mod duties, what keeps you coming back to Kongregate?
KillerKlown: Well…. Koko πŸ˜‰
Koko: Well, my friends, the weekly challenges and maintaining my record of having them all…but besides that, I have a time commitment as owner of my room.
KillerKlown: Seriously …. hmmm
Koko: The badges are cool, too.
KillerKlown: Yes… I like the badge challenges … I’m not so much disappointed if I don’t get the card challenge. But I do enjoy seeing new games… esp from the younger devs. I’m amazed sometimes at how good some of them are for the age of the dev. Of course at times I do think some of the posted comments to devs can go a bit too far… after all the games are free and even the, ahh, “bad” ones took time… ppl tear them more than they do something they paid 50 bucks for… imo

Okay, so what do you do for fun when you’re not on Kongregate?
Koko: Hehe..okay how about this one: i just moved here to I’m transitioning still, looking for work and a place of our own. We both like a lot of outdoor activities, gaming, hanging out…:)
KillerKlown: Hmmm what do we do any from Kong…. obviously “work” but…. we have been kinda messing with WoW for a tad as well; more her than I πŸ˜›

Okay, whom do you consider a role model? This can be outside of or within Kongregate.
Koko: Gandhi. arcaneCoder at Kongregate.
KillerKlown: Hmm… I guess i just take ppl in general … how they interact and treat others… what they do… their actions. I kinda “watch” and observe.. filter the “noise”.

Either of you play any musical instruments?
Both: Yes.
Koko: Koko is short for Kokopelli..Native American flute player…I play a wooden flute and a crystal one as well.
KillerKlown: I’ve been a bass player for… over 10yrs now.

What would make moderating easier for you?
KillerKlown: Hmmm her response may be diff .. I’m not one to, ahhh, follow the rules.. I feel if ur here u should have the understanding to know better… I sometimes circumvent the .. “Ok ok know I’m warning you phase”.. to just “booting them to the curb.” I do follow the guidelines don’t get me wrong. I don’t tolerate “troll” behavior as other mods… I am kind of a “you crossed the line and you’re ‘out for a nap'” kinda guy.
Koko: I say redirection ftw πŸ˜›
KillerKlown: there are times when I don’t warn i just kick. And I do redirect .. I redirect them out of Kong πŸ˜› I’m not as mean as I may seem… I do understand some kids are ..ahh… need direction.. but blatant troll behavior.. I do not play that game…

All right, final question here. When and where can the Kongregation typically find you online?
Koko: My room, Sanctuary
KillerKlown: Yes, Sanctuary
Koko: I’m off and on from around 9 am to 11 p.m., central time
KillerKlown: About the same as far as time wise. It can vary depending on my work schedule.

Well hey, I appreciate you two taking the time to interview with us.
Koko: Thx for the opportunity Thal, good luck and much success with your blog
KillerKlown: Well thanks for the opportunity as well.

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2 Comments on “Friday Feature – Interview with Koko and KillerKlown”

  1. Jim Greer Says:

    Cool interview with two of Kong’s finest. I need to hang out in Sanctuary more!

  2. Valkyrie Says:

    Interesting. Looks like the cafe is going to miss out on the Greers.

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