Defend Your Dirt

Defend Your Dirt
Defend Your Dirt


I know what you’re thinking, “Not another defense game!” I thought the same thing at first. What’s so special about a game where you’re defending a pile of dirt with a health bar. Better yet, what the heck is a pile of dirt doing with a health bar? I don’t have an answer for the latter question, but as for the prior it’s as simple as “This game is good, clean fun.”

Defending your dirt involves maneuvering your turret around the area in order to defeat enemy turrets that appear to want to destroy your precious dirt pile. Aiming and firing is done with the mouse, but take note that you will not be able to fire through your dirt but on the flip side you won’t be able to damage it. A great deal of running back and forth to each side is necessary so you can keep the enemy at bay. Later on you can purchase turrets and place them with the shift key. Personally I would suggest placing them in an arc on one side while you defend the other. Other items of note include that your dirt pile increases in size every 30 seconds and there are random powerups to your speed, firing rate, and weapon level.

This is a pretty simple game in terms of graphics. We have circles and the pile of dirt. Many of the circles have little barrels sticking out to signify guns. That’s a bonus because at least this way you get to see where the heck you’re aiming. I’ll give kudos to the artist for the look of the destroyed enemies in the early levels, but these stop appearing come the later levels.

Now this…this is something I love; Defend Your Dirt has a jukebox. Not only does it have a jukebox, but a mute button was included as well. Unfortunately you can only change or mute the audio at the main menu. Once you start your game you are stuck with your choices so choose wisely.

7/10. Hooray for basic shapes!

6/10. Unless it’s to try different turret placement I don’t see a ton of replay value here.

9/10. Mute and multiple songs…nice.

8/10. Defense game, but less and less space to work with each level thanks to the increasing size of your dirt pile.

8/10. Your turret is maddeningly slow but the controls are at least very responsive.

By the time you get to level ten you’re going to be racing around in circles trying to keep the enemies away but it’s still pretty fun thanks to plenty of item drops. 8/10

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