Hmmm, at first blush it looks like we have another Orbular-style game on our hands here, but that isn’t the case at all. HitBall is a “kill or be killed” action game where the goal is to reduce the health of the blue balls while not getting hit yourself (and get your mind out of the gutter). Sounds pretty simple in theory but it’s a bit more of a challenge in practice. Keep in mind that you can purchase more lives and other upgrades by clicking on the dollar symbol in the upper right corner of your screen.

Your mouse is the only tool of destruction that you’ll be needing here. The cursor is the direction and distance you’ll head and left clicking sends you on your merry way. You slow down towards the end of your path so plan for that when you’re traveling from one spot to another. Now if you happen to aim too short you will get hit but you’ll also have a moment of immunity so you can escape from danger. This immunity is shown by the orange circle surrounding you.

There really isn’t much to this game when you look at it. There are the blue balls, your black ball, and what looks like a faded and worn paper in the background. Considering the number of items you end up having on your screen in later levels it’s a good thing that the author didn’t decide to go overboard with the graphics. You won’t find a quality button here as there should be no reason for you to have to reduce the game quality.

Mute, blessed mute. The author was courteous enough to include a mute button for this game so you can listen to your own tunes. The music is rather peppy and upbeat but can get a little tedious after a while. There are a whopping five sound effects in this game; you moving, you hitting the enemy, the enemy dying, you getting hit, and you dying. None of these audio cues are necessary to play the game so you can mute away if you like.

8/10. About as simple as Pong, but a little more animation here.

8/10. Plenty of replay value here if you don’t mind starting from scratch.

8/10. Excellent choice in music and the sound effects work really well. Mute is a wise addition.

10/10. Well, this is a pretty original game and I really enjoyed playing through and finding the new features. Bravo, Sniegas!

9/10. Controls worked really well with this game. Always go for the enemy when they are coming towards you, never away from you.

This was another one of those great finds on Kongregate and I really enjoyed playing it. 9/10

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