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I must be on a classic game kick or something but you, our faithful readers, still get to reap the benefits. Hewitt is a point and click adventure of the same style as The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. You play a character named Hewitt and you have to find a date for the school dance or you’ll be doomed to the life of a lonely nerd. You will need to wander around the school grounds picking up items and speaking to various people in order to complete the game. Take note that some actions won’t be available to you until certain events have occurred in the game. If you get stuck take a look in your inventory and go talk to people again. The one area you will most likely get stuck is with the “Private Raven” minigame, so don’t bother playing it until you get the Game-Tek hacker.

Hewitt’s movements are controlled by either the arrow or WASD keys and you can make him interact with the environment by using the mouse. Your actions include picking up items, looking at things and people, and speaking with people. You will also need to combine items in your inventory in order to create new items and you can do this by picking one item up, putting it back down, then picking up another item and clicking on the first item in Hewitt’s hands over on the left. One very nice thing is where you can increase the game speed so Hewitt moves moderately quicker. Just look for the speed slider bar at the bottom of the screen.

I was really surprised to see how good the graphics were in this game. You can tell a lot of work went into creating the world as there are little details everywhere you travel. Most of the characters have comically exaggerated features and the only “normal” character you’re going to see is the Australian exchange student. The drawings and animations make for a great game experience, but you may have to reduce the quality if your game is running too slowly.

The music is pretty much top notch for this game. In addition to the excellent music there is a ton of voice acting, which you rarely see in flash games to this extent. If you don’t want to listen to the music you can use the other slider bar at the bottom to reduce the volume or mute it altogether. Keep in mind that this will also mute the voices but text is presented alongside the speech so you can still play just fine.

These scores may shock you.

10/10. Detailed environments and a large play area make this game shine.

10/10. Game speed can be increased so the game never really feels slow.

10/10. Original songs and excellent voice acting.

10/10. A completely classic concept applied to a modern game. The items you get and have to combine actually end up making a great deal of sense. No random guessing here.

10/10. The controls were designed with both left and right-handed people in mind. Kudos to the author on this.

The author says this game was a year in the making and it definitely shows in the polished end product. This game gets a well-deserved 10/10 and I strongly urge you to play it.

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