Alpha Force

Alpha Force
Alpha Force


Let the retro-ness continue! Today’s game is called Alpha Force and it’s an old school side scrolling shooter the likes of which include Xatax and R-Type. Fly around the level destroying enemies and picking up powerups for your weapons. The standard powerups include a shield for your ship, flamethrower, missile launcher, plasma blaster, and your basic pea shooter with multiple levels for each. Keep in mind that you had best be quick on the controls because one hit from an enemy or a bullet and you’re down for the count. Besides the obvious reasons, dying sucks in this game because you’ll have to start over from the beginning of the level.

The controls for Alpha Force are customizable but the game is completely controlled by the keyboard. If you try to use your mouse for any of the input it won’t recognize the click. The customizable controls are a nice feature and it’s an added bonus that the ship is very responsive as you’ll need to do a lot of dodging to get to the end. Alpha Force had the API added after it was uploaded so don’t be surprised if you see a badge for it down the road.

The graphics are a pleasant surprise in this game. Everything looks just like something you would find in a traditional side scroller and it’s a real treat to see them here. Backgrounds and enemies are detailed but there isn’t a great deal of animation.

If you don’t want to hear the game you can mute at the menu, but not in the game. You may want to take advantage of this option as the music is repetitive and tinny. I know I have cheap speakers but the quality sounds bad even for them. The sound effects are okay, but nothing to get excited about.

9/10. Awesome job with the graphics, even if your ship looks like a cannon that escaped from the circus.

6/10. No life meter and restarting from the beginning of the level really up the frustration potential of this game.

7/10. Alpha Force gets a point added for including a mute option, but otherwise the sound is uninspiring.

8/10. Always loved the side scrolling shooters and this is faithful to the genre.

9/10. Controls are pretty much whatever you want them to be as long as they’re on the keyboard. Extremely responsive.

This was another fun find from the archives and it’s worth playing through at least once or twice. You might as well stop once you start getting frustrated though, as it’s just not worth losing it over this game. 8/10

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5 Comments on “Alpha Force”

  1. oldguy Says:

    There is nothing “retro” about it unless you’re talking about the type of game this is.

  2. thalarion Says:

    Play this game after playing Xatax, R-Type, or any other old-school side scrolling shooter and tell me you don’t see a striking similarity. The difficulty level is right up there with those as well.

  3. oldguy Says:

    Been a long week so excuse the late reply.

    That’s my point: “…unless you’re talking about the type of game this is.” Usually retro is indicated by graphics and/or music. Another shoot ’em up (SHMUP) isn’t enough to differentiate styles because there will always be clones.

  4. thalarion Says:

    Granted, I will give you that. I just don’t see many SHMUPs (awesome acronym, by the way) so it’s nice to be taken back to memories.

  5. oldguy Says:

    To be fair, you are covering less-known games, but I seem to be the only one responding. I guess that’s the price to pay for not covering the big ones.

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