Ghoul Academy

Ghoul Academy
Ghoul Academy


Father Painbringer…not exactly the kind of name that inspires you to hit the ol’ confessional. It is, however, the kind of character you would want to take on the undead hordes in Ghoul Academy. Destroy skeletons, reapers, and zombies in a bid to purge the land of the foul undead, all with a variety of weapons. But be careful as you only have one life with which to accomplish this goal. Fortunately you have a health meter consisting of four hearts and each heart has four hits within. Occasionally the enemy will drop a heart that can increase your health by a whole heart and your health is reset to full at the start of each new level.

Father Painbringer can be moved around with the arrow keys and this is also how you aim. Your “Z” key fires your weapon and “X” lets you jump. If you aren’t able to get a high enough jump be sure to look for a blue button on the ground. Stepping on these will cause you to jump much higher than you normally can.

The graphics in Ghoul Academy are fairly detailed with plenty of animation but some of the finer details like the man in the moon are lacking. Levels are appropriately spooky for a game of this type and your character dies in a pretty spectacular manner. Oddly enough he appears afterwards with only a black eye, a band aid, and some creepy words of wisdom for all the little kids out there.

The music is a little odd, sounding like it came straight out of a synthesizer. The sound effects are a little unconvincing as well. The machine gun sounds more like a pellet gun and the shotgun just lacks “oomph.” Thankfully there’s a mute button located on the bottom left of the screen so you don’t have to listen to the sounds if you find them annoying.

8/10. Good drawings and animation.

7/10. The game is pretty quickly paced but if you aren’t as quick you’ll find yourself over-run with undead.

6/10. I didn’t much care for the music or the sound effects, but the mute button takes care of that.

7/10. It’s like Contra but without the scrolling.

6/10. The controls aren’t customizable and they definitely aren’t friendly for left and right-handed people. There also is no pause button.

Ghoul Academy is a decent game and there’s some replay value but it’s still only a 7/10.

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