The Invasion of the Halloween Monsters

The Invasion of the Halloween Monsters
The Invasion of the Halloween Monsters


Apparently when Halloween monsters steal all your candy and threaten little children your only recourse is to sucker an old man with a gravity gun into doing your dirty work for you. The Invasion of the Halloween Monsters (TIHM) is an oddball action game where you play a somewhat mad scientist that goes around killing monsters to get candy. Well what if the monsters just wanted to trick or treat too? Mean old bastard.

You can slaughter the happy little monsters by clicking on them with your mouse, dragging them up into the air, and then dashing their brains out on the ground. Zombies must be dealt with by plucking the heads off of their bodies and bats need to have enemies dropped on them. You can push the bats away for a little while by clicking your mouse on them. To add a little variety to the game you can press the “A” and “D” or arrow keys to move left and right. Apparently the old doctor’s bones are too brittle to allow him to jump, though. You progress to the next level after you’ve acquire the requisite amount of candy. This amount is displayed next to the sound slider bar.

The graphics look like they are right out of a sepia toned old-timey movie. Both the doctor and the monsters have a cartoonish appearance and this lends a level of macabre humor to the game, especially when you pop your first zombie head like a dandelion bloom. Enemies disappear in a flash of light and a smattering of candy, which is actually a refreshing change from the splashes of gore we’ve come to expect.

Volume control is integrated into the game so you can adjust the music and sound effects with one slider bar located at the bottom of the screen. The music tends to be pretty repetitive and there aren’t many sound effects to speak of, so muting the music won’t be any great loss. Though personally I’m the type of person that likes to listen to the game music; that is, unless we’re talking about Sola Rola.

8/10. The graphics are the really fun part about this game, what with it looking like a classic horror film.

6/10. There’s just not much to do in this game, nor is there much incentive to go back and play it again.

7/10. Music is okay but can get repetitive. Mute option raises the score.

7/10. It’s like Defend Your Castle or Pillage The Village with monsters.

6/10. Limited options for controls and a man that moves like an arthritic octogenarian make for a frustrating experience.

TIHM can be a fun game for a short while but be forewarned that boredom most likely will set in by the second or third level. 7/10

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