Treasure Seas Inc. Maps and Walkthrough

Well, sorta. I took the maps from within the game and added in the shark paths and map locations for each route. I also wrote up a list of what each store carries, how much it costs, and what route the store is on. The in-game maps already have the location of all the treasures and the seagrass, so you should be able to find your way through the game with this. I’ve submitted the walkthrough to Kongreguide (link pops a new window) and as soon as ExplodingExtremePopcorn has a chance he’ll approve it and publish it.

Update: Guide has been published.

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8 Comments on “Treasure Seas Inc. Maps and Walkthrough”

  1. EXTREMEPopcorn Says:


    Hmm… not such a bad idea ;).

  2. thalarion Says:

    D’oh! I was updating from work 😛

  3. EXTREMEPopcorn Says:

    I guess you didn’t see it, but I did put your guide up.

  4. pigifi Says:

    pretty cool game

  5. pigifi Says:

    ps piepiepiepiepiepie

  6. thalarion Says:

    Nuk, is that you? 😀

  7. Ally Says:

    Where’s the map?

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