What? Another Breakout clone, you say? Yep, but this one is more traditional and it also has gravity so you’ll find your ball travels in an arc instead of straight lines. Wreckanoid is an interesting game because it’s one you can play on WiiCade as well as on your computer. I don’t own a Wii but I can imagine that the controls would work out pretty well for the paddle. Not sure about controlling some of the guns with your Wiimote, though.

Speaking of controls, if you’re playing on the PC everything is controlled with your mouse. Moving your mouse within the blue area also moves your paddle, but keep in mind that you cannot go outside of the blue boundaries. Make sure you let the ball enter the blue area before you hit it or you won’t get any decent amount of force behind your shots. If you have a gun attached to your platform you can fire it by pressing the left mouse button.

The animations and drawings are solid on this game. True it’s mostly just blocks but with the added animations for gunfire and destroyed pieces of brick a great deal of life is breathed into Wreckanoid. The weapons and explosions are a nice touch to what could have otherwise been a pretty dull remake.

Wreckanoid has a couple of different soundtracks and a variety of sound effects for the weapons and striking sounds. Admittedly the music can be repetitive at times but it’s also a very good fit to this game. If you find the music to be annoying you can mute it during the game. You’ll need to move the mouse a lot further to the right than you think you would, though. Keep in mind that if you mute the music you also will mute the sound effects.

8/10. A variety of blocks and some really great animations keep you engaged with the game.

9/10. This is a blast of a take on Breakout. I especially dug the chainsaw blocks.

8/10. The audio is enjoyable and there’s enough variety to keep you interested.

9/10. There were more than enough tweaks to this game to make it a pretty original concept.

9/10. I didn’t get the chance to play this at WiiCade but even having the option to play the game on a different platform is really cool. Very responsive controls.

There’s clones, there are homages, then there are unique interpretations of the original. I’d put Wreckanoid in the third category and as a result it gets a 9/10.

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