Moon Sweeper

Moon Sweeper
Moon Sweeper


Most of you are probably familiar with DJStatika’s work in the form of Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, but he’s actually made other games as well. Two are based on the Starfighter galaxy and the other two are fighting games. Today I’m going to talk about one of the Starfighter stories called Moon Sweeper. Now fair warning, this is by no means an easy game. You have three lives and only 100 armor for each life. Enemies get stronger weapons the further you progress. Take a tip from the author himself and only arm yourself with level 1 or 2 weapons if nothing else is available. You’re going to risk getting hit more if you go with a weaker weapon as the enemies will take longer to kill. And keep in mind that even if you run out of standard weapons you still have grenades. Those work great for large groups and for emergencies.

The soldier is controlled by either the WASD keys or the arrow keys and aiming and firing is done with the mouse. You can double jump while you’re in the air to get yourself higher and you can also duck in midair to avoid enemy fire or to make yourself fall faster. Pretty much all of your actions beyond walking and shooting will take power from your gravity suit but standing still will charge it up quickly. You’re not timed on the levels so take advantage of safe spots to do so. Also keep in mind that some weapons have a blast radius so make sure the projectiles won’t hit anything near you before firing.

Considering the quality of DJStatika’s other games, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that Moon Sweeper has good graphics. Admittedly your character looks a little odd but that’s most likely because his body is out of proportion due to the equipment he’s wearing. Animations are solid for the most part though there are times when you look like you have jimmy legs. The variety of weapons and their individual animations and graphics was an impressive part in this game. One odd thing is the smoke effects on this game. How do you get smoke in space when there’s no air to burn? I wouldn’t assume that these moons have atmosphere. Ah well, it is just a game.

There is no music and there is no mute. You have an odd sound effect for the level transitions but that’s about it. The weapons all have sound effects and they all sound pretty good, but there really should be an option to mute them. Then again, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy had only minimal music for the transitions as well so this is probably the author’s preference as opposed to laziness.

9/10. As always, quality graphics from DTStatika. Animations could have been a little smoother.

7/10. Moon sweeper can be slow at times but it’s still pretty fun to play. You will most likely get frustrated with the gravity situation when you become an easy target for enemies.

3/10. As mentioned, no mute and no music. Having options would be nice.

6/10. Standard side scrolling shooter. It’s like Commander Keen with messed up gravity.

7/10. The controls are use-friendly though sometimes it feels like they’re a little unresponsive. You’ll need to play defensively if you want to finish the game.

This is a fun game to play around with but you will most likely get frustrated after a few levels. It’s still worth playing for a bit. 6/10

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