Pastel-colored dinosaurs…where would our culture be without these perversions of nature? Parents probably shudder at the mere thought of Barney and depending on the individual the child may look back with fond memories or with a little embarrassment. Prehistoric’s protagonist is an unnamed pink dinosaur and the mission is to save as many of the eggs scattered around the level as possible. Apparently you’re the last of your kind and some negligent dolt failed to keep track of their eggs so now it’s up to you to save these eggs and ensure the survival of your species. No pressure, honest.

The arrow keys allow you to move around the levels and pick up the neatly arranged lines of eggs. You can either jump on your enemies or, in the case of jumping enemies, you can press “A” to stomp the ground and damage them. Jumping is usually a far more effective strategy as the enemy will get temporarily stunned and you can repeatedly jump on the heads of stronger enemies for quick kills. Stomping will not stun the enemy like the jump will. Speaking of jumping, you’ll find that you need to jump at the last second in order to reach the far side of some jumps.

Prehistoric could readily be mistaken for a kid’s game up until you get to the blood-smeared spikes Most everything is rounded edges and looks relatively harmless, but then again quite a few things in the game will readily kill you given the chance. The graphics are a pretty simple affair and you won’t find any great detail here. However the look of these graphics works well, stylistically-speaking.

The music and sound effects are pretty low key and blend into the background of the game well enough to not be noticed very often. The author claims there is a mute option if you right click but I found that it didn’t work in FireFox or in IE. This was also independently verified by another Kongregate member. I didn’t feel the need at any point to mute the game so this was a minor issue in my eyes, though some more extensive beta testing might have caught this.

8/10. A pink dinosaur with huge buckteeth and dangly, useless-looking vestigial forearms. How cool is that?

7/10. Fun enough for a replay or three. The character moves along at a good pace.

6/10. There is music and sound effects and the author meant to have a mute button but unfortunately it was broken.

7/10. At least there’s a nominal storyline to explain your running through the levels destroying everything in your path.

7/10. Controls are good but you can only work with the arrow keys. Having WASD as an alternate would have been nice.

Prehistoric was a fun game but could have used a little more fine-tuning to make it a good game.  7/10

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