Friday Feature – Interview with chitown15

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

When did you join Kongregate and why?
I joined way back in May, mostly because I wanted to have my own avatar in Kongregate Racing (stupid reason I know). I’ve been on Kongregate since March though, I saw Jim on fox news, got on right after his interview, and have just loved the site ever since.

How long have you been a mod for?
Since October 24 [ed. 2007], but who’s counting 😉

What’s your favorite and least favorite part about being a mod?
My favorite part is that users will come to me with problems, and I’m able to help them. But I guess you don’t really need to be a mod to do that, most users just trust mods more I guess. It’s also nice to know that I’m helping the site I like so much a little bit. My least favorite part, and I think most mods will tell you this, is that sometimes we just want to play a game, and trouble breaks out (FYI, I still don’t have those ether cannon badges ). But that’s okay; I don’t mind helping Kong even if it keeps me from getting a few badges every now and then.

What’s the first computer game you ever played? Do you still play it?
I can honestly say I have no idea, so I guess I don’t still play it anymore either.

What keeps you coming back to Kongregate? (besides the mod duties, that is)
One thing real quick. Mods don’t have any duties, room owners which I am do, though (we have to be on around 5-10 hours a week). But I came to Kongregate and still do because of the great flash games on here. And now that I’ve become a part of the “Kong community” that too draws me back. I mean, what are better then fun games and friends?

What do you do for fun when you’re not on Kongregate?
There’s fun outside of Kongregate!?!? Just the normal stuff I guess watch TV, play around outside, and I’m probably in the minority here but I like school. Just about anything to keep busy I guess. I’m easily amused I guess: P

Whom do you consider a role model? (Can be within or outside of Kong)
I think on Kongregate I would consider all the other mods and admins, and those well behaved users who contribute in a positive way to the community. Outside of Kongregate, my parents of course, and about just anyone who tries to be a good person, and goes out of their way to help others….And being the HUGE Green bay Packer fan I am, I have to mention Brett Favre ;).

Have you moderated or been an administrator on other sites?

What would make moderating easier?
Less trolls, and maybe a few more mods, but all and all I think we have a great system set up here.

When can the Kongregation typically find you online and where?
I’m all over the place in terms of time, but I’m normally on from 10:00PM to 11:30PM CST. I’m in Digg Mark 1 most of the time, but I still go back to the Sanctuary a good amount also.

I want to thank chitown15 for taking time out his schedule to answer our questions. He’s running a competition in Digg Mark 1 for the next few weeks and winner takes all. The first game will be Monochrome so drop by the room if you’re interested in participating!

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