Ninja Rinseout

Ninja Rinseout


Ninjas. Yes that’s right, those stealthy devils are back for another internet game, and this time the emphasis is on the stealth. The main goal of this game is to murder, and remain unseen. Since the early days ninjas have always been elusive, murderous creatures who just want to kill and be left alone. Well here we are. In this game you run around as the ninja-version of you (All you have to do is sit there while he does all the work…) and kill the bad-ninjas while remaining unseen. Run up walls, hide in reeds, whip out your katana, you know, normal ninja stuff. [Controls being the arrow keys, left, right, up to jump, down to duck, and “S” to Strike.] After each “level” or screen of 1-4 baddies you get a rating of awful to GrandMaster, and at the end of the game you get a final rating based off of your individual level ratings and the number of times you died throughout the game.

It’s simple, yet addicting. You can’t die, so it’s not survival that’s the challenge, but I guarantee you keep coming back striving for that final GrandMaster ranking. ( It’s possible, trust me 😉 )

7/10. Sure it’s 2-D but how many dimensions do we really need, honestly.

8/10. Fun and challenging . It keeps you coming back for more ninja-stealth-killing.

5/10. The game falters a little here.. Short sword sound, a dying “agh!” sound and the constant sound of rain, not especially scintillating.

8/10. I suppose technically you’re out to rescue the princess or the geisha or whomever you rescue at the end, but in reality the concept is to put on your super-stealth-mode-hat and go to town on the backs of those ninjas.

7/10. It’s only the arrow keys and the letter “S” but hey, it does what you need, and the running up walls and jumping off backwards perk is pretty fun.

Ninja Rinseout was enjoyable. A challenge for sure (Not to beat, but to get grandmaster.). If the game was longer, and more graphically in-depth it could have been amazing :). 8/10.

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