Tomb of Doom

Tomb of Doom
Tomb of Doom


Fabricant thought it would be prudent to mention that there is a “screamer” at the end of the game, so consider yourself forewarned.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re walking through the desert one day with no horse and no equipment. Somehow you’re upbeat and optimistic about your chances for survival because you’re whistling. Well that all goes to hell in a handbasket when you step on a hidden trap door and fall down into a tomb. Armed with your trusty stick and your wits, you must make your way to the exit of this tomb so you can get out and die in the desert! Some important notes about this game is that the map will really confuse you if you aren’t paying close attention. You start at the bottom and you’ll need to observe how the lines go from room to room in order to move around like you intend to. Also, the glowing runes mostly go in pairs so a switch in one room will activate a door in another.

Our un-named protagonist is controlled strictly by the mouse. Accessing doorways, activating levers, and utilizing your inventory will all require clicking with the left button of your mouse. I know it may seem taxing but it’s possible to play this game all the way through with just that simple interface.

The set and characters are all made of plasticine, which reminds me of the old Gumby shows. Either that or Mr. Bill, depending on your age and sense of humor. Considering the medium that the author chose to work with I was expecting something a little shoddier but the plasticine worked surprisingly well and made for some excellent animations.

There is no music and minimal sound effects in Tomb of Doom. The most you’ll hear is the occasional gasp from your character as you run across something dangerous. Despite the lack of sound it worked to a degree. Unfortunately there was also no mute option so you are forced to listen to the sound effects that are there.

9/10. Smooth animations and great character designs.

7/10. Not too fast, not too slow. Most actions made sense so you weren’t left in the dark while trying to figure out what to do next.

2/10. I won’t make any bones about it, I was very disappointed in the lack of audio.

10/10. I have yet to see another game made out of plasticine. Kudos to the author thinking outside the box.

8/10. Mouse works fine for control and you didn’t need to click on precise objects to get things to work.

If you like point and click adventure games you’ll love Tomb of Doom. 7/10

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