Trick or Treat Adventure Quest

Trick or Treat Adventure Quest
Trick or Treat Adventure Quest


Johnny…poor little clueless Johnny. He’s the epitome of the red-headed stepchild and he has no Halloween costume. Worse yet, it’s Halloween tonight! What’s a kid with no cash and passed-out parents to do? Well in the case of Johnny you’re on your own. Best toss together something so you can get out there and collect that candy. There’s a lot of crude humor in this game so if you get easily offended you may want to take a pass on it. Here’s a tip to get you started; pick up the comic books on your bedroom floor.

Pretty much everything in Trick or Treat Adventure Quest (TTAQ) involves clicking with your mouse. As with most point and click adventure games you will need to combine items in your inventory in order to move forward. You will also need to end up talking to people in order to pick up certain necessary items like the cough syrup, twinkies, and the lighter. Conversation is also amusing in it’s own right so consider clicking through the dialog options to have a good laugh. Aside from your mouse you can also use the 1-4 keys as action hotkeys to switch between your various interaction options.

When you take a look at the game you may feel like you’re playing on a Sega Genesis or SNES, what with the pixelated graphics. This is fortunately a novelty that doesn’t really wear off in the long run. The backgrounds and environments are richly detailed and you can click on anything to get a description of the object. Unfortunately this can lead to information overload as it isn’t exactly clear what you do and don’t need to grab. Item combinations won’t always be intuitive so here’s another tip; stick your pet in the microwave.

There’s music but no voice acting to speak of, though this fits with the 16 bit feel of the game. There’s no mute option, either. Whoops. The music is delightfully cheesy and that gets a nod from me. I can tell that the authors had a certain look and feel in mind when they created this game and I can appreciate that.

8/10. Faux-16 bit graphics never looked so good.

7/10. You’ll find that TTAQ can be pretty slow, especially when you have to backtrack to the house to find something you missed.

8/10. Audio is top notch for a pseudo-console game, but lack of mute does the score in.

9/10. Great concept and excellent dialog that had me laughing the whole time.

9/10.You’re going to be switching back and forth between the various interaction icons to find everything you need. Get used to it. Mouse makes it good, action hotkeys makes it great.

TTAQ has some great features to it and I’m certain it’s going to make you laugh more than once. Give it a shot. 8/10

Bomtoon informed me of a few things I missed, so I’ve re-valuated the scoring accordingly. -Thal

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One Comment on “Trick or Treat Adventure Quest”

  1. bomtoons Says:

    Thanks for the review, it was really detailed! One thing you missed in the tutorial is that you can mute the game with the space bar. Also, there are hot keys (1)(2)(3)(4) to switch between action types quickly.

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