The Morning After

The Morning After
The Morning After


After a night of binging on alcohol it’s time for you to leave and go home, but for some strange reason the front door is locked. Your only means of escape is to find the key locked within a chest upstairs. Speak with the various individuals in the house to complete tasks, get keys, and get out. There are several minigames you will need to complete, the most frustrating of which is attempting to feed the dog.

The Morning After (TMA) is controlled by your mouse. Click on people’s faces to interact with them. Click on the I in the upper right corner to open your inventory. You won’t need to combine any times in this point and click adventure, that happens automatically. Same goes for gathering items for people; once you reach a goal the objective will automatically get checked off.

The graphics in TMA are just as impressive as they were in Icescape. The objects look like they were rendered before being put in the game but that just makes for a more surreal look. There’s good use of lighting but the animation is lackluster where you see it. Prepare to be unimpressed by animations.

There is background music playing in the game and sound effects galore. We also have the option to mute the music if it’s not to your liking, so there’s another bonus. Fortunately the music blends into the background and the sound effects are far from necessary so you’re pretty much set if you want to mute.

8/10. Reminds me of Legend of Kyrandia for some reason.

8/10. There are some secrets you can find in the game so there’s a little replay value here.

7/10. Sound is pretty good and mute is present.

8/10. Point and click adventure of the very standard sort. Bonus games and secrets make it better, though.

7/10. Controlled by the mouse, nothing too extraordinary here.

If you like point and click adventures you’ll get a kick out of this game. Pretty easy to beat, as well. 8/10

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3 Comments on “The Morning After”

  1. Venzael Says:

    Actually a half decent game! Graphics were something different, although animation (like you said) is pretty poor. Interesting story line, and some of the mini games weren’t bad and I liked how they tied in with the story, too.

    Nice review; well made 🙂

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