Friday Feature – Interview with renny141

Warning: Long..ish…

Alright, I best kick this thing off.
When did you join Kongregate and why?
Oh. I joined April 2nd, although I could swear it was April 5th but the profile page never lies. I joined because I was on (Makers of and was clicking links, took me to Kongregate. There was a shiny card that caught my attention. I was hooked.

Yes, I noticed the very first thing you get after you signed up was the card.
So, how long have you been a mod for?
Since 5th June exactly. So, 9 months.

Oh, wow. Quite a long time, eh? So, in those 9 months, what has become your favorite and least favorite part about being a mod?
Favourite part I would say is helping others and the support from other users when I have to deal with a “situation”. Least favourite? This is going to sound cliché, but banning users. I don’t enjoy it, I use it as a last resort to calm things down and make chat as pleasant as possible for all. Oh, it’s also hard when people expect you to deal with a gray area situation very quickly.

Ah, yes. Everybody needs help, unfortunately some are too afraid to ask. Doesn’t sound clichéd to me, though. Sure, the other users may be helpful but they can also be a burden. Double edged sword.
Alright, so enough about the Modding. What keeps you coming back to Kongregate? (besides the mod duties, that is)
Chatting mostly. Particularly with good friends, cards and badges of course as well. Although I find myself having less and less time to spend online and earn badges so I gave up hope of earning some of them a long time ago. Playing some underrated games that are favourites of mine bring me back to Kongregate as well.

Ah, the chatting. Quite the awesome. Unfortunately, I also suffer from losing online time. I’m being swamped with work, which prevents any “me time” when I get home. Some underrated games are awesome, but people will simply ignore them due to their “underrated” nature. It’s quite bad.
So, on the topic of games, what’s the first computer game you ever played? Do you still play it?
Hmm. I would guess not, Theme Park on my very very old PC with a Hard drive of 1Gb or so, it loaded in DOS as well. I was only a kid though. Shortly after that, Worms ^^

Oh man, Worms was simple awesome. Awesomeness of epic proportions. Sure, my brother would always beat me when he had that shotgun weapon. He had unreal accuracy in it. Kills from across the map. Unreal.
Theme Park, eh? I’m not even too sure if I played that. Sure, I played RCT before. Theme Park is similar to RCT, isnt it?
Man… I remember the games on my Amiga. *memory lane*
Yeah, quite similar just a lot older and worse graphics and an annoying interface.

Suppose it was the beginning…
Anyway, last few questions now. What do you do for fun when you’re not on Kongregate? Surely you have to do something.
Yes. Yes I do. My life is mostly orientated by listening to music. I listen to it almost all the time. If I don’t, something is wrong there. I’ll be going to a lot of gigs in the near future. Going to one at the end of this month in fact. But As a student, most of time is spent either at college or doing work to bring to college.
Oh… my older brother buys lots of music, I generally mooch off of him but I have my own too. Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, The Beatles, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen… the list goes on. If you want to see more just check out my profile.

I wont put the actual link on ACKK, ‘cos chances are it will be targetted by spammers. People know where to find it. coughKongcough. But, anyway, some awesome bands there. Daft Punk are pretty awesome. Same with Chemical Brothers and The Beatles. Too many to name, eh?
So, the final questions. When can the Kongregation typically find you online and where?
Do you have any words of wisdom for them? (Can be serious of just a funny random over-used phrase)
Oh. Erm… I’m online at random times, I have no structure, I’ll try though. Hmm, try around 4-12 PM GMT time on weekdays, and anytime ranging from morning ’til 3AM on weekends GMT time of course. Words of wisdom? Hmm. Let’s see. Think about the feelings of others whilst chatting before you go accusing them of things or upsetting them. (It’s in my mind because I just had to deal with a situation similar to this.)

And I saw it. Was some sad stuff. I should highlight one of the holy conduct rules. Don’t feed the trolls, because people find it hard to not feed them.
So, anyway, thanks for allowing me to carry out the interview. It was severe epic.

No worries there. You do a nice job on ACKK. My compliments to you, Thalarion and Calamity. I’ve bookmarked your RSS feed ^^
Awesome! Thanks, but dont expect a lot of reviews from me for the rest of this week or possibly next week, as I am being swamped with work. Thal and Calamity will be posting reviews, though. Check theirs out. It will be awesome as always.
Once again, thanks for the interview
Was quite fun, thank you for the interview experience after I have read all the other interviews =D

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2 Comments on “Friday Feature – Interview with renny141”

  1. Renny Says:

    Woops! Huge typing error that I made. It should be: Hmm, try around 4-12 PM GMT time on weekDAYS, and anytime ranging from morning ’til 3AM on weekends GMT time of course.

    Glad I spotted that one. Once again, thanks for the interview and a very nice blog you have =D

  2. Venzael Says:

    Hooray! Renny got interviewed!! C’est fantastic!

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