You’ve always wanted to build buildings, right? You don’t want to be an architect like that shady Art Vandelay character. Nope, placing steel i-beams precariously one on top of the other is the only way to go. At least until the whole structure comes tumbling down on you; then it’s probably a wise idea to make yourself scarce and look for a new career.

There are a surprising number of controls for this being a stacker game. Shift and left click will remove a girder you have placed, P will pause the game, M will mute the music, and space will freeze time when your multiplier bar is full. Two things to note about this that will make your game playing experience significantly smoother are that the blue circles indicate that you’re placing a new girder and green circles indicate that you’re connecting to another girder.

The game is drawn in watercolor and the art is supplied by one Krystal Nekoi. The information bars are overlays on the main screen and as such they’re transparent. Unfortunately this makes the timer a little hard to see. Not that it’s important to know how long you have left or anything…

Apparently voidSkipper plays the guitar when he isn’t creating flash games. We’re treated to a little ditty called “Smoke” when the game loads up and it sounds like voidSkipper has learned his chords pretty well. There seemed to be a few off notes here and there but otherwise I think it was a nice addition to the game. If the developer has skills in art or in creating music then by all means they should include their own original works. If you find the music isn’t to your liking you can always mute it but take note that you won’t be able to bring it back by pressing M again. There are no sound effects here so you won’t be missing out on those if you mute the game.

7/10. Watercolors and blurred edges in the background give the game a sense of depth.

8/10. You’ll always want to try to see if you can’t get a higher score than before.

8/10. Original music by the artist and it’s pretty cool.

6/10. It’s a stacker game like Tower of Goo, not entirely original.

7/10. Controls seems to work well but you might encounter some points of frustration when you’re trying to place a new girder as the maximum length seems pretty short.

Insurgo is a fun little stacker game and there’s definite replay value. 7/10

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2 Comments on “Insurgo”

  1. voidSkipper Says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the review. The kongregate API was included less than two days later, for the record. Thanks for the quip on the music, as well :3

  2. thalarion Says:

    Thanks for the update, I’ve corrected the review accordingly.

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