Maganic Wars Outsite

Maganic Wars Outsite
Maganic Wars Outsite


Random violence and combat, gotta love it. Maganic Wars Outsite (MWO) seems to be one of those card combat games where your goal is to take out the other guy before he takes out you. Battle your shadowy foe by throwing out various cards that can poison, wound, weaken, or paralyze your enemy. Don’t expect any quarter from your enemy because he’s not expecting any from you.

Your mouse is all you need to win your way to victory in MWO. Clicking on the various fields allows you to select which card you want to activate, then you just have to click on the button to fire off your chosen card. The same goes for purchasing items in the shop, just point and click. Now to use your items you’ll need to activate them before you want to use them, and this is especially important to take note of for the phoenix feather. If you don’t activate the feather before you die you’re out of luck as it won’t automatically get activated.

The graphics are a fairly sophisticated selection here and I was surprised to see that. I get the impression that it’s a similar setup to what you would find in Monster’s Den where the developer borrowed the work from an artist. I say this because your avatars are pretty simply drawn, so I don’t get the impression that we have the same artist involved. The animations are pretty limited as well, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There’s no music and no mute button available for MWO. You have sound effects, but they will most likely get on your nerves more than add to the game. I honestly was not impressed by the sound but at least there is something present.

9/10. Ooooh, shiny!

8/10. Definite replay value here.

1/10. Yes, a one. The sound needs help.

7/10. Well, it’s a card game. It would have been a blast had it been multi-player.

7/10. Mouse for controls, doesn’t get much easier than that.

Despite the sound this is a pretty fun game. 6/10

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