Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period

The Chaotic Period
Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period


Today we have yet another turn-based adventure/strategy combat game. The primary goal of the game is to become the Great Mage either through integrity or deception, the choice is yours. Succeed and you’ll become a legend amongst your people; fail and you will be condemned and lost to history. Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period (BMTCP) is long of name and long of gameplay. The upside of this is you’ll get plenty of play out of your character and there are multiple endings to the story. The downside is there’s no freaking save so you’re either going to have to finish it in one sitting or leave your browser open and hope it doesn’t crash on you. The tutorial at the beginning is of great help if this is your first time playing so I strongly suggest you go through that before getting into the main game. Also keep in mind that you’re on a time limit so get all the skills you can before the year 209. Try to get extra goals completed before then as well.

Once again, the mouse is used for everything here. This is a trackball and touchpad-friendly game, which is a definite bonus. You have several different actions you can select with your mouse including a high attack, low attack, and similar defense options. You’ll also have the option to drain mana, rest, or use your special attack. The special attack will vary by clan so keep that in mind when you’re choosing your character.

As you can see in the screenshot, there are sharp pointy edges everywhere. The art is a fairly simple compilation but it works quite well for this game. Character designs are unique for each clan, but not for each character. Animations are limited and it would have been nice to see some basic breathing motions from the avatars on the screen, but I guess you take what you can get.

The music and sound effects are pretty good, but there’s no mute option. You’re more or less forced to listen to everything and grin and bear it for the duration. This is more the shame if you don’t like the music and sound effects, so you may just want to steer clear of this game if that’s going to be an issue for you.

6/10. Needs more animations.

9/10. Red Fire Mage is going to be your best bet if this is your first time playing. Multiple endings make for some excellent replay value.

5/10. Music and sound effects work well, but there’s no mute option.

7/10. This game was a fun little break from the standard strategy combat games. No cash, just levels and learning new skills.

8/10. You really can’t go wrong with the mouse as your basis for controls.

If you excuse me I think I’m going to go play this game again to shoot for the alternate ending. 7/10

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  1. Amietc Says:

    favorited this one, dude

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