Tetris…where would our gaming culture be today without it? Perhaps a bit more sane, but that’s beside the point. React is an awesome twist on what appears to be a tetris clone at first glance. Rotate the blocks to make chains but keep in mind that you have to make these react in order to break them down. Here’s how it works. Bricks are your standard blocks. Drop bombs next to bricks of the same color to convert them to wood. Drop flames on the wood to burn them and drop water on the flames to douse them. Any water at the bottom of the screen will automatically drain away. It sounds complex but it’s really pretty simple.

Your arrow keys control the blocks. Left and right moves the stack of blocks accordingly while up rotates the blocks and down makes them fall faster. You can click on the pause button to access some other options and take a break if you need it.

React has pretty good graphics, though there’s not much in terms of animation. The background is a constantly shifting curtain of bubbles and it’s oddly relaxing to watch. Don’t let them distract you from the game too much, though.

There’s no music in React but there are plenty of sound effects. When you pause the game you have access to a volume control and you can mute the sounds altogether if they’re getting on your nerves. Audio cues are not needed here so muting is a perfectly viable option.

8/10. Really polished graphics make a good game shine.

9/10. Just like Tetris there’s tons of replay value here.

4/10. Lots of sound effects but no music.

8/10. Looks like a Tetris clone but has far more depth.

7/10. Would have been nice to have WASD for lefties.

React is an excellent way to waste a few minutes here and there, just make sure it doesn’t suck you in. 7/10

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One Comment on “React”

  1. Venzael Says:

    Wow, this one really isn’t bad at all! It’s like next-gen Tetris, and although there isn’t music, I don’t mind that at all. The Tetris theme got on my nerves big time 🙂

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