Wheel of Death

Wheel Of Death
Wheel Of Death


Trapped in a ball and subjected to the whims of a casual gamer; either this is a bad dream or you’ve stumbled upon Wheel of Death (WoD). WoD is a puzzle game where the point is to create a path from the start to the exit. It looks like the exit is only the little target but it’s actually much larger and you can hit anywhere in the turquoise rectangle to move on to the next area.

There’s a lot of controls for WoD, so bear with me. “S” starts your wheel, “T” let’s you try the level again, “R” resets the level, “M” takes you to the menu, “P” shows your overall progress, “H” shows the instructions and “A” toggles the music. Once you start your wheel rolling there’s no other controls you need to do unless you feel the need to restart or reset the level. Don’t worry about taking notes on these controls as they are provided in the game for you.

There’s an Evil Knievel thing going on with this game as some levels just end up having school buses everywhere. It’s like they’re breeding or something. Beyond the school buses you have your wheel, the shadowy form of a person trapped inside, and various platforms that your wheel gets to interact with. There’s not a lot of animation going on here but it’s still fun to see what sort of Rube Goldberg-esque path you end up having to create to reach the finish.

There’s music and there’s sound effects. Unfortunately, the music is extremely repetitive and honestly it gave me a bit of a headache. Fortunately the author included a mute option; press “A” and your music worries go away. The sound effects will still play but they’re pretty minimal.

6/10. Rather simplistic graphics and animation but it gets the point across.

7/10. There’s really only one way to reach the exit with the materials you’re given. Not a lot of replay value in that.

5/10. Bad, bad music. Mute redeems this, though.

7/10. This style of puzzle game has been done before but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Lots of variety in the various platforms you have to put down.

7/10. The controls can be a little daunting when you look at the list but really all you need to know is that the mouse will place and move your platforms.

What can I say, WoD is an okay game but it’s also one you can probably take a pass on. 6/10

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