Tricky little bastards, those koalas. They look all cute and innocent but really they just want to get at your sweet, sweet Eucalyptus. Unfortunately this particular tree is the last of it’s kind and if you let five reach the tree then you can kiss it goodbye. So how do you deal with these frenzied furballs? Easy, you bitchslap ’em with the rocket-powered robotic hand of whoopass and send those little fuzzbutts flying.

The controls are pretty simple here, just click and hold your left mouse button to draw a path for the hand to take then release the mouse to launch the hand and those koalas When you gain levels you’ll start having bonuses drop from the top of the screen. These bonuses allow you to kick all the koalas off of the screen at once, drop a barrier, or recharge your fuel. Some of these bonuses need to be activated with the space bar and you had best use them because they don’t stack. You can get a tremendous amount of points by juggling the koalas into a group. Once they start bouncing off of each other the game acts like a pinball machine and you can do some juggling at the bottom of the mass while the score multiplies rapidly.

We’re presented with parachuting koalas and a robotic hand, both of which are moderately detailed. There’s the tree and a Sydney landmark in the background as well as some nice colors added to the game. I really like how this game comes to life with the graphics.

kDay has some fun music and awesome sound effects with screaming koalas and slapping noises. Ignore the grin on my face, okay? The music and sound effects do amuse me, but they may not be to everyone’s preferences. Fortunately you can mute them both by pressing the “M” key.

8/10. Detailed drawings and smooth animations.

8/10. There’s definitely a lot of replay value here and the author has included the API. Don’t be surprised if you see a badge on this game.

9/10. Just awesome music and sound effects.

9/10. I’ve seen similar games to this where you have to draw lines for shields but this is different in that you’re actively defending your target.

8/10. The controls are simple and responsive.

Go ahead, slap the koala. You know you want to. 8/10

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