Knight’s Castle

Knight’s Castle
Knight’s Castle


Sitting at your table and eating muffins, such is the life of a knight. Except, that is, when enemies aim to attack your castle and you have to go out there and single-handedly defeat them all in a bloody hack and slash adventure. Gain levels by defeating your foes and pick up new skills along the way to better defeat your foes.

Knight’s Castle desperately needs a pause. This wouldn’t be such an issue if there were breaks between the levels or if you could save but having to play for the entire game without a pause is brutal, to say the least. ~-9 are spell hotkeys and will become active as you earn more spell slots. Your space bar allows you to attack and when you’re casting a spell the mouse may be needed to activate that spell.

The graphics are excellent. There is blood and gore splashing around as you swing your sword and the animations are nice and fluid. Expect to be surprised when you launch some of your spells as they will rip right into and through your enemies.

You have the option to mute sound effects and music individually, which is very nice. That being said, I didn’t have much cause to mute either because both were very good. I’m not sure where Eggy got the music from or if he created it himself, but I found it to be highly enjoyable.

9/10. Love the graphics. Excellent artwork and animations.

7/10. The game is frantic, perhaps a bit too much so.

9/10. Great audio effects in Knight’s Castle.

7/10. Fun game but not precisely an original concept.

6/10. Sorry, but there is control overload here. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse to run through spells would have been an interesting option. Adding a pause is a needed option.

This isn’t a quick game that you can just pick up and drop in a little bit. You had best have about an hour’s worth of time to devote if you’re going to play.

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