Hello, I am doctor marmalade. Ask me why I chose my name, and I will reply with a hypothetical situation, resulting in a handful of people with blown minds. Onwards to my review. Here I review the game “jump” . This game excels in being truly retro. Its author, Neodelight, probably had a good idea of what he was trying to do. The name is as simple as the gameplay. Jump over pools of lava, jump up platforms, jump over crates. What do these crates contain? Alas, I do not know. You also can use your box firing gun(the boxes are pixels and the gun is hidden). The cast of enemies includes blue squid things, mistiming, and falling. The duck button has done little in what I’ve seen so far, you just get shorter.

In terms of graphics, I’m not too sure of the time period that it was going for. Looks quite like Colecovision. It could’ve fooled me that it was a release title for some reeeaaally old game. It is clear as to what Neodelight meant for this game to bring a shimmer of a thought into old gamers…er….I mean experienced gamers. Reminding you of whatever game that you used to play. Yes, that one. I didn’t much care as to why I was in a castle(or was it a dungeon..) trying to get out. If you are looking for some good gameplay, Jump!

9/10. Why? Because it is authentic. pixels, pixels, more pixels.

8/10. Pure unadulterated retroness

5/10. Multiple beeps. Made me turn down the volume.

9/10. simple & retro

8/10. 5 buttons for it. just the arrow keys and space bar.

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3 Comments on “Jump”

  1. oldguy Says:

    This game was praised for “authentic pixels” but then was marked down for “multiple beeps.” What were you expecting for sound? Dolby Digital?

  2. doctormarmalade Says:

    oldguy: i meant that there was only a three tone set of beeps for music. three beeps. over and over. no interruption.

  3. oldguy Says:

    Yes, the music is a little dull, but that was the style of the time. See “Burger Time” for similar sound sets. http://youtube.com/watch?v=YlTSrYpeYEI

    You bumped the score up from a 3 to a 5, I think, so I won’t complain too much.

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