Would you cop to owning a pink car? Be honest now… Color issues aside, Gride is a really simple and fun little game. Choose one of two levels and see how far you can get. Don’t touch any controls to make the care move, it will do that on its own just fine. Press or click the appropriate action to keep your car moving forward and keep in mind that you can’t use the feather when you’re already on a slope; it will be too late by then.

There’s four different control choices here and it’s easy to get confused, especially when you’re using the arrow keys. If you have issues with the keyboard controls just stick to the mouse and you should be fine. Keep in mind that the controls from left to right are the same as what you see on the screen, at least for the 1234 and zxcv control options.

There’s not a lot to sell this game in terms of graphics or audio. The car is well drawn but the rest is pretty basic. There are some cottonball clouds and the occasional skeletal remains in the ground. You have distance posts marking off how far you’ve made it as well. The music is a peppy little tune but there are no sound effects nor is there any mute, unfortunately. Can’t win them all, eh?

7/10. Pretty simple stuff here.

8/10. Just like any other distance game there’s some replay value here when you try to see how much further you can go. The course doesn’t change so you can memorize things.

4/10. Decent music but no mute.

7/10. Really just another distance game but this time there’s no cannon involved.

8/10. All sorts of control options here, almost enough to confuse you. The mouse is a safe fallback.

Despite having to constantly fight friction and gravity this is a fun game. Give it at least one shot 7/10.

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