BioLabs: Outbreak!

BioLabs: Outbreak!


What we have here is a game that looks an awful lot like Filler. Thing is, BioLabs: Outbreak! is a completely fresh concept. You aren’t trying to fill up a certain amount of space. In fact, your blobs float upwards instead of down. Your goal is to isolate the virii and neutralize them. You aren’t timed so take your sweet time reaching the goal. Make sure your antidote blobs don’t get hit by a virus or you’re out of luck. If your new blob touches an existing one it will stop growing and you’ll have to start a new one.

As with many games we’ve reviewed, BioLabs: Outbreak! is controlled strictly by the mouse. Press the left mouse button to start your blob growing. One thing that really drove me nuts about this game is how much push strength the virus has. You may think you have it trapped and the virus just pushes its way out of the corner you have it in. The blob needs to be about twice as big as the virus for it to be effectively trapped.

BioLabs: Outbreak! has some very good graphics, though there’s no real animation to speak of. Sure, objects move around and spin but they don’t change size once they are drawn. It looks really shiny on the surface but that’s about it.

BioLabs: Outbreak! has no music and no mute. Music would have been a really nice addition for this game, but that would have been worse without the mute option. The sound effects work pretty well for the game and provide some good audio cues as to what’s going on so muting can be a hindrance to you were it an option.

7/10. Great graphics but a rather static environment.

6/10. There’s a little bit of replay value here and the game is pretty fun for a while.

3/10. The sounds are good, but left me wanting more.

8/10. While BioLabs: Outbreak! and Filler may be nods to Qix, they both take the original concept and make them very much their own.

8/10. Mouse controls always win in my book.

This is a pretty good game and I enjoyed playing it but it’s one you can pass on and not miss out on a great deal. 6/10

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