I am reviewing SquareBol, a game that is quite good. Here was how my first game went: 1) choose hard difficulty (I’m such a daredevil) 2) got bored on earlier level. 3) found out that I like the game after about the third level. 4) kick butt. I had fun. the lackluster early levels probably lead to the low score. I progressed on in the levels until I found a very funny enemy. I’ll let you see who the celebrity is (you’ll laugh). I also noted how simple the game was. Spin, spin, spin, with no button to fire. You fire automatically every second or so. There’s a lot of fun to be had here.

What I really found myself liking was the enemies(in a way how I hate ’em). you have splitters, bosses, cannon fodder, big splitters that split into MORE splitters, and some cool others. The amount of fun you have skyrockets with the passing of each level. Also, there is no background. the game had a moment that pretty much added a point to its rating.

A power-up.
This power-up was something that you need to see. Collect the little circle containing it and youre guaranteed a moment of epic firings. The entire screen is filled with your shots within seconds. This appears very rarely, when youre health is full, and when there is a load of enemies. So fun.

7/10 this game isnt really about graphics, but it looks crisp.

9/10 just go play it, would ya?

4/10 Boo! No music! Just the laser sounds.

7/10 spin and shoot with some skill.

9/10 move with mouse. simple, no?

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One Comment on “SquareBol”

  1. ty Says:

    im a pro at this game #1 on facebook try to beat me

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