Friday Feature – Interview with Dragily

Warning: Contains lulz and epic

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

Kicking this interview off now. (I have to stop saying that)
When did you join Kongregate and why?

Anou…let’s see…it was mid to late April of 2007. :3 I was bored at home for some reason…
And I was playing some games. And then I stumbled upon this site. And I was like…”Huh. Well. They like their interactivity…awesome stuff. Let’s look around.” Then I played DTD 1, and it hooked me. I wanted the card at the time, too… And back then, I was kinda skeptic as to whether or not I’d stay for a long time. But I fell in love with Scribbles, and so here I am. :3
Haha, awesome. There’s always something to hook you. Fishing, is what they’re doing. I cant remember how I ended up at Kong, and I only joined in December.
Indeed…fishing is indeed what it is, but hey. I’m not complaining. I found a second home online. :3

Sweet deal.
So, how long have you been a Mod for?

Why…that’s a good question. o-o Hold on. I keep a lot of e-mails.
Hehe. Time flies, huh
It really does, though. Since 9/21/07. :3 Jeez. A LOT longer than what it feels like…

Oh, wow. Quite some time. In that timespan, what has become your favourite and least favourite thing about being a Mod?
My favorite thing? Hm… That’s…harsh. xD; It’s hard to say. Instant recognition in chat rooms is always fun. But being able to do something, I think, is the best part. Like…before I was appointed a mod, I’d always try and calm users down, but it’d never work. They’d just tell me to get out of the room or whatever. But now it’s nice to know that I can help calm people down a bit. :3
The worst part… Banning people. I hate punitive action of any sort. It’s a part of the job, yes…but I mean…it always hurts having to force people off of the site.
Banning people seems to be a popular answer for the least favourite part.
Really? I’m surprised. XD
For every action, there is a consequence, right? (I believe that’s a line from a show called Day Break)
Mm…I’d like to think not, but yes. That’s right.

So, enough about the Moddingz. What do you do for fun when you’re not on Kongregate?
Well let’s see here. If I’m not on Kong… Well. I’m a college student…a triple major, basically…so I’m often busy. XD If not that…I’m a fencer. We have nightly practices. That’s always enjoyable… If not that…I’m part of the campus judicial board…so I’m a sort of mod in real life, too, in ways. XD
Otherwise… I’m a musician. Pianist for 13 years, vocalist for 8, auxiliary percussionist for 3. And I still love video games… xD
Video game-wise…I’m a classic RPG fan, though. FF IV-VI, CT…those four are like… GODS. xD

So many questions to ask. Unfortunately, I’m really restricted. You’re really touching on a lot of these pre-set questions. Makes my job kinda hard, huh.
But I have to choose something.
Ara… What area of study do you most enjoy?

Psychology. No doubt. And since I can’t exactly study neurology yet, psychology brings me closest to that. If not psychology, philosophy. :3 My two majors~ ❤
Knowledge is teh powa
You know it!
Fo’ sho’. Alright. You talked about your gaming likes. What was the first computer game you ever played? Do you still play it?
Computer game, video game, or both?
Either. It’s all good
My very first game in my life was Super Mario World. For the SNES. A definite classic. And I play it every now and again, but I’ve gone through it so many times that it’s a little boring. xD
Lately, I’ve had sudden urges to play Mario. I dont know why, though. Kinda odd, huh. Such an epic game, though.
It seriously is. :3

I was going to ask the final few questions… then I saw that there’s a lot of room left. Silly me.
Actually, I cant believe that I skipped this question. What keeps you coming back to Kongregate? (besides the mod duties, that is)
My bad.

XD! Nice, Fab. xD Anyway. I dunno. I think I just have a really strong loyalty to the website, since I’ve been around for a while, and I am a mod. I love the people there, even though they can sometimes get obnoxious.
Double edged sword, them folks
And as one of the people who has /most/ of the badges ((Curse you, Tarnation…)), I like keeping my 100% record up. xD Oh. And Kongai is fun. That’ll definitely keep me permanently. xD
I’m 34 badges away from absolute perfection. Cant win ’em all.
I’ve played Kongai and I’m going to describe how awesome I am at it in 1 word: Awful.

XD You too, huh? I swear, I am terrible at the game. But I still love it. xD
Yes, it is quite the awesome. I haven’t even gone near the multiplayer. If I do, I sense severe kicking of the rear. C’mon… even the AI is better than I.

Alright. I’m going to ask some final questions now. Serious this time.
As you’ve already stated, we can find you in Scribbles, but at what times?
Also, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers? (Words of wisdom can be serious, random madness or just a clichéd phrase. I dont mind.)

It’s hard to say any time, because I’m always busy. So if I’m there, I’m there…that’s been known to be anywhere from 800 to 1300 to 2300 PST. xD
Words of wisdom…
A fool’s fool fools fools who foolishly accept the foolishness of a fool’s fool. Franziska von Karma…Phoenix Wright: Justice For All.
Lemme think…It is very difficult to live life as one desires, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right. Letting life guide you is only one way of living.

Excellent stuff. And that brings us to the end of this epic interview. Thanks for taking the time for this interroview. Good luck at College!
Thank you, sir. :3

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4 Comments on “Friday Feature – Interview with Dragily”

  1. thalarion Says:

    Heh, most excellent. I majored in psychology and minored in philosophy back in the day 😛 Great interview, Fabricant!

  2. ExtremePopcorn Says:

    The word “epic” was used twice….

    That’s too much epic!!!

  3. Renny Says:

    Good interview ^^ Very long, but a good read =D

  4. Venzael Says:

    Hooray for Dragily! Great interview to read 😀

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